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Comments from Harrison and Will Walker, Wilson High School students:

At Wilson some of these renovations have included a new gym and auditorium, which we feel create a greater sense of pride at our school. 

The IB program has also received a lot of changes, with Theatre being a very exciting class that is newly being offered for DP (Diploma Program) students next year. 

The unification of our logo on the gym floor as well as on uniforms has been incredible for a new symbol of the ever-proud Wilson Tiger. 

The hugest change in the schools has of course been one-to-one, as teachers and students can use technology actively in every class for the best possible results, instead of just on weeks where they are scheduled to have technology. Most of our classes have greatly improved their coverage on the subject matter with the use of online resources, like the research databases and originality reports to check for plagiarism and make students more confident in the original works they create. It seems the first thing most students do when they walk into classrooms (depending on the class) is open their Chromebooks and log into the google classroom. 

The library seems to receive new books every month, with our destiny discover program making the finding of fascinating fiction and nonfiction books easier than ever.